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Transformers of SEO

Dustin Williams

I have yet to see the sequel to Transformers but I grew up playing with transformers as a little boy and I loved the first movie. Seeing the sequel is one of the top things on my list of things to do this summer. I have watched many trailers for it and it looks like it’s going to be just as good, if not better, than the first one.

When it comes to SEO, there are a few things that can be done to transform a campaign. These are what I call the transformers of SEO. Instead of transforming from a car into a robot, these elements, when properly optimized, will transform a good SEO campaign into a great one. When not used properly, or not used at all, getting top rankings may seem to be next to impossible.

Title Tag (Optimus Prime):

The title tag is like Optimus Prime; it can be the anchor of a well-optimized website. The title tag appears at the top of the browser when browsing the web or visiting a site. Of all the HTML elements, the title tag carries the most weight in search engine algorithms. Properly optimized titles should contain keywords that are relevant to the page, and should be no more than 70 characters long. It should be a well-written sentence formed from the targeted keywords and should not be just a list of keywords.

Meta Description Tag (Ironhide):

The Meta description is like Ironhide, and can give the website a tactical advantage when used properly. When optimized, this tag can increase the click-through-rate of a site listing in the search results. The Meta description tag is not displayed on the website page. It is placed in the head section of the HTML code, usually right below the title tag. Meta Descriptions have no influence on search engine rankings. However, if if they contain the same terms of the search query, then they are normally displayed for the description in the search results.

A good Meta description should contain the targeted search terms and describe the website page. It should be about 160 characters long and contain a call-to-action that will entice a searcher to visit the site. Meta descriptions should not be a long string of keywords separated with commas. This is referred to as the Meta keywords tag, not the Meta description.

Internal Links (Bumblebee):

Bumblebee had an important role to play as an Autobot. Like Bumblebee, internal links have a critical role in an SEO campaign, and can impact site rankings if optimized. To optimize a Website’s link structure, the site should have navigation using HTML text links. The links can be formatted to appear as buttons using cascading style sheets. They should use keyword targeted anchor text and should match the targeted keywords of the page the link is pointing to on the website. Links created with JavaScript, Flash or Image rollovers without optimized anchor text, or the ability to be crawled by spiders, should be avoided.

A good SEO campaign should not neglect the optimization of any of these site elements. Including them can often make the difference in a second page or a first page ranking.

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